About Me

I have been interested in electronics since I was a child and into computers since the home computer boon in the early 80s.  I learnt to program on a Sinclair ZX81 then a BBC Model B.

I inherited a second hand 286 PC a few years later and have been using and messing around with PCs ever since.  I have been online since the early days of dial-up, and started designing websites soon after (on Geocities).

I started offering web design services in 2003 (alongside a day job) and in 2007 became fully self-employed doing this work full time.

I joined a web development and marketing agency in mid 2015, but it wasn’t right for me so I moved back to self employment in March 2016.

My original background and earlier work was in electronics (I have a HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering), so I am also happy working on PC hardware including repairs to component level in some cases. Almost all my computer equipment is second hand or assembled from parts acquired from various places.

I am also interested in collecting and restoring vintage radios, and am a committee member and webmaster for the British Vintage Wireless Society. I run an eCommerce website (built with jShop and overdue for a redesign) selling vintage radio service data as individual downloads and DVD compilations, and also run the largest UK based Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration discussion forum.

I live in a cosy modern flat near The Triangle in Bournemouth with my two cats, Poppy (left) and Shadow. I am one of the admins of The Triangle Bournemouth Community Group on Facebook which was set up to help promote this diverse and unique part of Bournemouth with its wide range of independent businesses, venues and events.