I am a freelance web developer working from home in Cardiff, South Wales.

My speciality is mainly back-end coding using PHP and MySQL etc – the techie stuff that makes your website work the way you want it to, and which people don’t even notice until it goes wrong!

I have worked with the JShop eCommerce system for many years, and although it is no longer supported or updated by the publishers I have continued to develop the code myself and have it working reliably on current PHP versions (including PHP 7). I have also made numerous modifications and additions to the system to suit clients’ specific requirements.

I have coded and built website systems from the ground up to suit specific requirements. However for future requirements I would probably look to build on an existing system as there is so much more available now than there was a few years ago.

I no longer do any work with WordPress for new clients.

For front-end design (the pretty stuff that visitors see) I normally work with other designers and developers who specialise in that aspect, and between us we can create exactly what you want.