About Me

I have been interested in electronics since I was a child and into computers since the home computer boon in the early 80s.  I learnt to program on a Sinclair ZX81 then a BBC Model B.

I inherited a second hand 286 PC a few years later and have been using and messing around with PCs ever since.  I have been online since the early days of dial-up, and started designing websites soon after (on Geocities).

I started offering web design services in 2003 (alongside a day job) and in 2007 became fully self-employed doing this work full time.

I joined a web development and marketing agency in mid 2015, but it wasn’t right for me so I moved back to self employment in March 2016.

My original background and earlier work was in electronics (I have a HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering), so I am also happy working on PC hardware including repairs to component level in some cases. Almost all my computer equipment is second hand or assembled from parts acquired from various places.

I am also interested in collecting and restoring vintage radios, and am a committee member and webmaster for the British Vintage Wireless Society. I run an eCommerce website (built with jShop and overdue for a redesign) selling vintage radio service data as individual downloads and DVD compilations, and also run the largest UK based Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration discussion forum.